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Sell porridge from Ukrainian manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 05.03.2014
Seller:Bliznyuk Petr
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast'
Ukrainian company "Naturalis-Polesie" is looking for distributors and wholesalers to implement kas own production.
In the range of 6 kinds of cereals. Weight single packing 250g.
The composition of cereals includes only components of plant origin without chemicals, fragrances and flavors. Only 100% natural product that allows you to use porridge not only daily, but also for the prevention of diseases of the digestive system and weight loss.
Ready to consider any mutually beneficial relationships with distributors, wholesalers, supermarket chains, wholesalers, private entrepreneurs.
We are the Ukrainian manufacturer, but are also interested in working with the CIS (CIS, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and others).
This announcement left the employee of the factory, so the cooperation with us will be most beneficial for you.
In the presence of all necessary certificates of quality. Make daily shipments throughout Ukraine. We pay for shipping to your location with a minimum order of 60 boxes of cereal.
We pay for shipping to your warehouse, shop at the order of 80 packs of cereals.
Possible cash and cashless payments. Are VAT payers.
Porridge "5 cereals ingredients: vegetable cellulose; wheat flakes; flakes millet; barley flakes; corn flakes; flakes rye; ground flax seeds; pumpkin seeds -(4%); sesame - (4%).
Porridge Healing ingredients: vegetable cellulose; flax flour; oat flakes; barley flakes; flakes buckwheat;cinnamon, dried onions, Jerusalem artichoke, burdock root,leaf amaranth dried.
Porridge "linen Cleansing ingredients: vegetable cellulose - (16%); cereals barley (30%); cereals buckwheat - (30%); dill (4%); parsley - (4%); seeds of flax (4%); oregano - (4%); dried carrots - (4%); dried onions - (4%).
Porridge "with buckwheat flax seed ingredients: vegetable cellulose - (20%); cereals buckwheat - ( 60%); flax seeds (20%).
Porridge "oat seeds of milk Thistle ingredients: vegetable cellulose - (20%); oat flakes - ( 60%); seeds of milk Thistle (20%).
Porridge "oatmeal with flax seed ingredients: vegetable cellulose - (20%); oat flakes - (60%); flax seeds (20%).
Call or email us right now, I will provide all the necessary information about the products, if necessary, will send a sample for a more detailed lake-nakomleniya with the product.