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Large volumes of recyclable polypropylene in the presence of

Offer type: salePublished: 03.03.2014
Seller:Batashov Evgenij
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Address:Russian Federation
Produced secondary polypropylene granules from used bags. The secondary granules of polypropylene gray with green or blue tint. The secondary of polypropylene bags suitable for casting plugs, fittings, boxes, color packaging, hangers, composizioni materials. The secondary granules of polypropylene easily painted in any color. Secondary PP grey suited for the production of pipes, LTL, profiles, threads. The granulate PP secondary well processed and does not require the addition of primary polypropylene. Sell recycled polypropylene from big-bags, bags, PP fabric, waste polypropylene gates, overflow of polypropylene. The produced granulate secondary in large volumes. secondary polypropylene Packed in PP containers. Sale of polypropylene granulate secondary, in Moscow.