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The new jaw crusher SMD-108A and components.

Offer type: salePublished: 03.03.2014
Seller:Lobotskij Dmitrij Vadimovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Orenburgskaya Oblast', Orsk
Received from production to warehouse jaw crusher SMD-108A.
Specifications of jaw crusher SMD-108.
DDS - 2, h.
The size of the piece of source material, greatest, mm.
The width of the discharge gap, mm
Performance, m³/h
The engine's main drive kW.
Mass, so
8, 4.
Overall dimensions without drive L x b x h, not more, mm
The eccentric shaft SMD-
The eccentric shaft(d-250, l-2100) 10490002001-10
Screw adjusting for Electromechanical adjustment of the slit 1048903002
Screw adjusting 1048905011
Sleeve 4844802007
Sleeve 4844902014
Nut 4844802031
Nut left 4816800036
Nut right 4816800035
Wedge the upper left 1080000003
Wedge top right 1080000002
Wedge bottom left HH 1080000004
Wedge bottom right HH 1080000005
Wedge right 4822002028
Wedge adjustment 1048903009
Ring 4825404009
Ring 4844902011
The rubber ring 4825402009
Thrust ring 4825402014
Cover glass 1049002004
Cover the cheeks 1049002006
The mechanism of regulation of gap (manual) 1048905000
The cuff 1.HH-2
The cuff 1.HH-2
Plate spacer 1080000006
The slider 1048903302
Strip 4816204011
Contrast 4844802002
Spring 4822400006
Fence spring 4825400700
Planck 4822002047
Planck 4844802023
Base 108 And 1048911000
Rusk 1080200029
A ratchet 4825400500
Washer end 4824403028
washer splineway GOST 11872-89 180
The pulley 1048902005
The pulley on the El.engine 4844905001
The key is tangential 4825408006
The key is tangential 4836404014
Cheek 1048902003
Cheek Assembly 1048902000 SAT
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