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Mica was able

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Yedina merezha
Seller:Edinaya set'
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Mica Muscovite edged intended for water column pressure boilers as a means of isolation. The plate was ABLE to seal Packed strips.
Basic parameters and dimensions:
• Edged mica is a rectangular plate (plate).
• Plate length should be no more than 220 mm (GOST 13752-86 actually possible delivery and large plates), the width of the plates is not more than 36 mm. Nominal dimensions of the plates are set by agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer.
• Nominal plate thickness is ±0.25 mm.
• Edged mica must be manufactured brand COULD.
The symbol of the plates must include the brand, the nominal dimensions and designation of this standard.
Example of designation: Mica COULD h GOST 13752-86