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The polypropylene twine. The company LLC "Protract"

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The polypropylene twine. The company LLC "Protract"


The polypropylene twine 1.2 mm (1200 Tex), twine polypropylene 2.2 mm (2200 dtex), twine polypropylene 5 mm (7000-9000 Tex), the polypropylene twine 1.7 mm (1600 dtex), polypropylene twine 1000 dtex.


Twine made from polypropylene polypropylene (polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer of propylene is a colorless crystalline substance isotacticity patterns).

The polypropylene twine has a high resistance to repeated bending, abrasion resistance to abrasion, is not soluble in organic solvents, resistant to boiling water and alkali, good insulator. Polypropylene twine is not afraid of moisture and dampness. This twine is very convenient for manual strapping and lacing.

Twine polypropylene is widely used in stores for packing all kinds of products ranging from cakes and small packages to large (packaging waste paper, strapping pallets, trash compactor).

The disadvantages of polypropylene twine include - low lightfastness, but also that only prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.



The ability use of polypropylene twine in the food industry confirmed hygienic state sanitary certificate of the Russian Federation. Polypropylene twine is an environmentally friendly form of packaging.


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