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Rope nylon / polyamide PAT. The company LLC "Protract"

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Rope nylon / polyamide PAT. The company LLC "Protract"


Nylon rope is made of polyamide fibers. Nylon - other similar fiber produced under the title: nylon-6, caprolan (USA), amilan (Japan), bodanis (Switzerland), zelon (UK) - one the most well-known polyamides. Nylon rope is characterized by high wear resistance and mechanical strength, greater impact strength, chemical resistance (resistance to most solvents). Products made of nylon dissolve in concentrated sulfuric and formic acids, fluorinated alcohols.

Nylon rope used for fastening, lifting, packing, various household purposes, the fishing industry, marine . Even the nylon rope used in furniture industry, construction, agriculture, oil industry, lifeguards, military, climbers, etc.


A nylon rope is easy to tie knots, it is soft, very durable, abrasion resistant, almost destroyed by the impact ultraviolet rays, not afraid of cold and dampness. Nylon rope is capable of flowing (when stretched load).


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