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The rope lnopenkovyj/ linen diameter from 10 to 32 mm. LLC "Protract"

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The rope lnopenkovyj/ linen diameter from 10 to 32 mm. The company LLC "Protract"


The rope lnopenkovyj is the product of repeated use, increased reliability made of three flax kabalak one given the diameter. Ropey to say, in turn, twisted from several linen threads in accordance with the desired parameters.

The rope lnopenkovyj used for mounting, lifting cargo, for packaging, various household purposes, the fishing industry, the marine. As the rope lnopenkovyj used in furniture industry, construction, agriculture, oil industry, for design and decorating.

The rope lnopenkovyj characterized by great strength, low elongation, water absorption (large absorption of moisture).

The choice of a rope is determined by its properties and characteristics. Consider strength (breaking load), the diameter of the rope and the environment in which it can be used and, of course, the commercial advantage (price for one meter rope).

Ropes lnopenkovyj are available with diameters from 10 to 110 mm.


The possibility of using lepenkove rope in the industry proved hygienic the state sanitary certificate of the Russian Federation. The rope is environmentally lnopenkovyj the pure product.


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