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The sisal rope diameter 6 - 22 mm., the Company LLC "Protract"

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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The sisal rope diameter 6 - 22 mm., the Company LLC "Protract"


The rope sisal rope lay GOST produced in 30055-93 Russia from imported raw materials (sisal fiber derived from the leaves of agave /Agava sisolana/). Sisal fiber is a hard, rough it is extracted from fresh the leaves, without any special processing, it has a yellowish-brilliant, the natural color. Main exporters of raw materials - Kenya, Brazil, Angola, Tanzania.

Sisal rope environmentally friendly, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, does not accumulate static electricity and durable. In the water it does not lose its characteristics and more durable.

In appearance sisal rope is very beautiful and neat. It is preferred to use for decorative purposes for finishing houses, terrain, in the manufacture of all kinds of pens, crafts, etc. Sisal rope is used in sea and river fleet, fishing and other industry.



Sisal rope is made with a diameter from 6 to 112 mm. Diameters 6 - 22 mm always in stock. Sell the rest the large diameters of the order. In the presence of raw materials in the factory period the manufacture of 7 - to 14 working days.

Sisal rope is an environmentally friendly product.


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