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Tin chloride 2-water

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Chemical formula: SnCl2 • 2H2O
Synonym: Tin chloride 2-water, tin chloride, tin chloride, Tin(II) chloride, 2-water, Tin (II) chloride dehydrate

Tin dichloride (tin chloride) 2-water - colourless crystals in the mass of white. Soluble in water and alcohol, ether, acetone. Easily oxidized in the air.


Tin dichloride (tin chloride) is used
• as a catalyst for the polymerization of epoxides,
• as a reducing agent in organic synthesis,
• as a mordant in dyeing,
• for surface treatment of glass and plastic before metallization to improve the adhesion,
• as a component of flux when welding,
• for Sn as a reagent for the determination of Cl2, I, Hg2+, Fe3+, etc.,
• for decolorization of petroleum oils, etc.