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Oil MS-8P

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Sell OIL MS-8p.


MS-8P - widely ispolzuemoe mineral oil from near Ural and West Siberian sulfur crude selective treatment. Designed to replace oils MK-8 and MK-8P and greatly exceeds the important performance characteristics (thermal and oxidation stability, viscosity, lifetime).MS-8P applies in turbojet engines of supersonic and subsonic aircraft and military civil aviation, in which the oil temperature at the outlet of the engine is not exceeds 150°C; used in the composition of Maslenica with aviation oil MS-20 in turboprop aircraft engines and gas turbine engines helicopters, naval gas turbine plants, gas compressor units, ground equipment products.
MS-8P can be used to preservation oil systems of aircraft engines.
The composition provides high-performance additives oil
MS-8P reliability and high quality of performance in difficult conditions, characteristic of modern aircraft

In barrels 178 kg. The price is negotiable.

Also in the presence aviation oil: Oil MS-20, Oil/mixture CM-4.5, Oil B-3V, Oil Turbonycoil 98, Butter AMG-10, Oil-12 , Oil IPM-10, Liquid FH-51, Oil VNII NP-50-1-4F, Oil VNII NP-50-1-4U

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