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Sand river ravine

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015

The river sand is extracted from the bottom of rivers silting way. This sand contains almost no clay, as it is natural water. Because of their purity suitable for all construction works (construction of roads, preparation of mortars and concretes of all types and brands, backfill, backfill floors with subsequent compaction). Due to its high cost often in the works of zero cycle, replaced by cheaper - quarry sand (ravine).

Pit sand (sand gully) - produced open Sozopol, so his value is much lower than river sand. In this form of sand contains a high amount of clay particles, it is mainly used in the Foundation work for virainia territory or backfill pits. Perfectly sealed, valid when the clay content does not require moistening with water to seal.

Seller:Menedzher Valentin
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