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Spare parts of compressor IT-20/9 (sell)

Offer type: salePublished: 02.11.2023
Seller:OOO PKP Gazsel'stroj LTD Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Spare parts of compressor IT-20/9: Station lubricant (lubricator) 32-04-5 Bed 1-1A Crosshead collection 1-3Y crosshead pin 58N.287-69 the crosshead pin N.287-69 Shoe 1-3-3 crankshaft sat 1-4A crankshaft 1-4A-1 Counterbalance 1-4A-2 Rod collection 1-5A Bushing 1-5-3L Cylinder 1 tbsp. collection 2V Cylinder 1 table 2B-1-1 Cylinder 2tbsp. 3-1-1 Cylinder 2tbsp. collection of 3 Lantern 1 tbsp. sat 2B-2-1 Lantern 2tbsp . sat 3-2-1 Malonamate sat 2-2-2, sat 3-2-2 Ring oil 1 tbsp. sat 2-2-2-1 oil scraper Ring 2st. sat 2-2-2-2 the Caul sat 2-2-3B Flange 2-2-3A-1 Camera 2-2-3A-2 compression Ring 2-2-3A-4 Ring o-2-2-3A-5 Ring throttle 2-2-3A-6 Cuff 2-2-3A-7 Bushing throttle sat 2-2-4 Cylinder 2 tbsp. collection 3V Cylinder 2 tbsp. 3D-1-1, 3-1-1 Reflector 3-2-2-1 Case 3-2-2-2S Lid sat 4 cylinder Cover 1 tbsp. collection 4-2A Cover 2tbsp. sat 5 Piston St. collection of 6 of the Piston 1 tbsp. sat 6-1 Piston 2 tbsp. collection 7B, the Piston 2 tbsp. sat 7-1 Unit grease (without lubricator) sat 9B Rod 6-1 Pump gear sat 9-1A drive Gear Z=12, M=4 9-1-1 SAT back Cover.9-1-3 Pipe collection 14-2 Pipe collection 15A Valve sat. P Slinger sat 8-4 Valve PEAK 155-0,4 AM Valve PEAK 155-2,5 AM Plate valve PEAK 155-0,4 AM Plate valve PEAK 155-2,5 AM gas cooler (refrigerator) end KMC-9/8 gas cooler (refrigerator) intermediate CTD Pipe finned KMC-9/8 Pipe finned CTD Motor DSK 12-24-12 the piston Ring 1 tbsp. Uh colco piston 2 tbsp. Uh insert the rod of the ACE-131-01-insert the rod of the ACE-131-02-A