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The compressor IT-4/400 , VP-4/220 (sell)

Offer type: salePublished: 25.08.2023
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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The compressor IT-4/220 and parts. The composition of the compressor IT-4/400 includes: compressor, condenser, cooling system, automatic control and protection. Lubrication of compressors WP-4/400 are two independent systems. The compressor IT-4/400 - stationary, piston, crosshead, five-speed, angular, water-cooled, cylinder and packing lubrication.
The crankshaft (Assembly) P-SB. The crankshaft P-2-1
Bearing 3524
Console P-15
Contrast P-2-2
Bolt counterweight (2R)-2-3
Stem 1-St. P/4-2-3
Stem 2-St. P/5-2-3
Sleeve St. f UK.01.02.004.
Sleeve St. f P/3-4
Sleeve 2tbsp. f 160 P/5-3
Sleeve St. P/5-SB
Sleeve St. P/3-SB.
The piston 1-3-St. P/3-SB.
Porner 2-St. P/5-SB.
The piston 1 is St. UK.01.02.028
The piston 1 is St. P/4-2-1
The piston 2tbsp. P/5-2-1
The piston St. P/5-2-2
The piston St. P/3-2-1
The piston ring F. h
The piston ring FH
The piston ring FH
The piston ring FH
The piston ring FH
The semicircle FH (Pol)
Rod P-SB.
The liner VK-108-01/02
Insert The Babite
The crosshead P-SB.
Finger P-3-SB.
Sleeve crosshead P-2
Relief valve 4 tbsp. 051.00.00-01
The safety valve 5 tbsp. 041.00.00-01
Sleeve P/4-2.5
Nut push P/4-2.4
Ring remote P/4-2.6