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sale of timber production in the Tver region

Offer type: salePublished: 13.03.2013
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast', Tver'
Timber production in the Tver region (pl. 3,5 ha).10 km to highway M-10. Harvesting, sawmilling, timber processing and production of wood laminated beams formwork (BDK-1). Electricity, gas, water, communications. The real estate property. MQ.: Sawmill P-63B(2pcs), crane beam, RT 40, RT-36, Tape, Trimming machine, 4-way, multiple (2pcs), planing, grinding and so on, a complete line for production. beam formwork BDK-1: Machine 4-sided Beaver 423 2007 C. Line splicing longitudinal, press the docking PS-3M with a cutting saw, end milling Machine, Milling machines, Press and other essential amenities. equipment. Technique: KAMAZ 55102 with Gamboa. SZAP (timber), timber Ural with g/m + dissolution, ZIL-131 (2pcs.)+dissolution, tractor T-150, T-40, the excavator on the basis of the UMZ, crane MAZ-500, GAZ-3307, Gazelle-farmer, trailers.