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Cварочный автомат LARON, HERZ Германия

Offer type: salePublished: 07.03.2013
Seller:Kurenkova Nataliya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
Severe and effective automatic welding machine LARON for welding overlapping all thermoplastic roofing and bituminous coatings seam width of 40, 90 and 100 mm hot air , with a constant welding speed on uneven surfaces, with the added weight and the guide handle.
Easy to handle due to the high welding speed and cost-effective service in connection with standard electronics machine. Quality, proven over the years.
230V seam 40 mm - Art.-Nr.: 5215939
Voltage 400V, the seam 40 mm - Art.-Nr.: 5215996
Can be supplied for joint width 90 mm, 100 mm
The advantages of the device:
• Economical in service in connection with standard electronics machine.
• Automatic start welding.
• Digital control, digital speed indicator, temperature and air flow.
• Continuous adjustment of air flow rate from 50 to 100%.
• Infinitely adjustable welding temperature.
• High welding speed from 0 to 7 m/min
• Stable welding speed on uneven surfaces.
• Welding without folds thanks to an optimum weight distribution.
• Fast changeover voltage 230V to 400V and back.
• Guide roller.
• Telescoping handle.
• Built-in handle for carrying the device
• Additional weight.
• The device is simple in operation and maintenance, does not require special technical skills.