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Lotus City

Offer type: rentPublished: 02.03.2013
Seller:Nikoloaev Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
One of the largest shopping centres opened in Moscow
In 2013 on the territory of Moscow opens one of the largest shopping and exhibition centers of Russia. "Lotus city" is a 1.5 million square meters of high quality retail space, located in Moscow and provided all necessary infrastructure.*
The city purchases globally
The scale of the project, the City purchases almost has no analogues in Russia, nor in the world: the square is three times superior to the largest shopping centre Asia South China Mall and even the famous Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Trade and exhibition center "Lotus city" offers the best rental conditions and favorable conditions for business development.
•Area of 100 hectares within Moscow.
•More than 1 500 000 m2 of high-quality commercial real estate.*
•Comfortable and spacious rooms on 5 100 retail locations.
•This comfortable hotel complex 2 624 rooms.
•Logistics terminal with an area of 130 000 m2 15 000 paleto.
•Spacious roof Parking and Parking - 400 000 m2.
•Spacious gallery with a width of 12 meters for the movement of freight trucks and electric vehicles.
•Area for loading and unloading of goods, more than 80 freight and passenger elevators.
•Developed transport infrastructure, the project envisages the construction of his own isolation from the Kaluga highway.
•Modern bright interior design, thought-out system of zoning.
Partners and tenants.
A successful business starts in the "Lotus city"
"Lotus city" is a convenient place to work and develop partnerships with world leading manufacturers of high-quality and affordable products. Thanks to the introduction of a form of direct sales from the manufacturer, "Lotus city" opens up new opportunities for small and medium businesses. To work with the largest industrial centers is now possible without intermediaries and tiring trips abroad: their offices are located in the City shopping. Today here present their products to the largest enterprise of China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries, engaged in the manufacture of clothing, footwear and accessories brands. "Lotus city" is the meeting place of business, where everyone can find their niche, client and business partner.
Convenience, comfort, low price
A unique form of direct sales can significantly reduce the cost of goods and to offer visitors to the City shopping really convenient shopping. Only one trade hall "Lotus city" contains over 5,000 stores fashion brand clothing, shoes and accessories. Purchases can and should be fun: functionality and ergonomics of the premises, as well as an elaborate system of zoning allow you to quickly find the path to the desired products. The centre is equipped with a spacious lifts and convenient escalators, wide galleries make it easy to move freight trucks and electric vehicles. Spacious Parking, the system of access roads and the distribution of passenger and freight transport will make a visit to the trade fair centre truly comfortable. For the convenience of the inhabitants of the regions trade and exhibition center "Lotus city" organizes regular shopping trips.
Detailed information about TVC "Lotus city":
Contact information for tenants:
+7 (495) 72 72 722
* - 1 500 000 m2 total area of the Fairgrounds, including I, II, III stage of construction. In 2013, commissioned premises I queue with a total area of 340 thousand m2.