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planter VESTA 8 (STS-8)

Offer type: salePublished: 22.11.2023
Seller:Prihod'ko Viktor Grigor'evich
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Pneumatic planter VESTA 8 (STS-8) is upgraded to dotted vysielanie calibrated and uncalibrated seeds of corn, sunflower, castor, sorghum, soybeans, and seeds of forage beans, beans, lupine with simultaneous, separate from the seeds by making granulated mineral fertilizers and consolidation of the soil in rows.
It is also possible seeding of uncalibrated seeds, but in this case the accuracy will depend directly on the magnitude in the size and extent of damage to the seed.
Precision drills provide seeding on the target density, eliminating the use of manual labor in the formation of the desired spacing between plants.
From 1st September 2012 all drills come with a sowing unit is equipped with 2 contour drive new design. Reliable protection of the drive ensures that the work on the fields, weedy plant remains.
Pneumatic seeding machines of precision spacing seeders reduce the percentage of crushing seeds 10 times compared to mechanical.
All drive shafts of grain and fertilizer distributors are mounted on ball bearings.
Due to the location of the axis pornprivate wheels on the same line with grain openers achieved simultaneous contour of the field both the frame and the sowing section.
The tread lugs on the tire supporting-driving wheels reduces slippage that provides a specified spacing between seeds.
Seeder equipped with a durable hydraulic marker with a disk of larger diameter, which has the ability to change the angle of attack to produce a well visible track.
Completing the planter transport device can move it on the roads of General purpose vehicles.
Semi-automatic coupling provides a quick and secure connection with a tractor.
The hitch has a possibility of displacement along the beam frame, which allows the planting row spacing 450 mm tractors, which does not change track width (for example, T-70C).
To create a uniform vacuum is required when seeding heavy seeds of legumes (soybean and so on), the fan is equipped with an additional air duct. The timber frame of the planter is the receiver of pneumatic drills, reduces the pulsation of the air flow, which allows to obtain a uniform plating on each section.
The fan is equipped with overrunning clutch, preventing the belt drive from the increased wear.
A viewing window allows the configuration process visual control over the quality of the seed.
Comb the resetter doubles seeds provides the exact adesemowo sowing. On the row drive the agitator is established.
Metering system produces the exact adesemowo sowing of seeds of different crops with a seeding rate of from 2 to 43 per linear meter.
For quick removal of seeds from the camera metering apparatus provided for handling hatch.
In the hopper is installed codebrutal, which prevents the hang of seeds.
Fertilizer distributing system through fertilizer openers, provides the possibility of mineral fertilizers in the side of the row with the desired offset value, which eliminates the harmful effect of mineral fertilizers on the seeds.
In the fertilizer box has plastic bushings, preventing any spillage of mineral fertilizers.
For removal of mineral fertilizer in the fertilizer box provided for unloading hatch.
To improve seeding and sowing sections stability when working corn planters in section applied wide compacting, zarabotali and the train rail.
The consolidation of the soil in the planted rows improves contact between the seeds and the moist soil at the bottom of the furrows, provides capillary rise of moisture and creates favorable conditions for earlier and friendly seed germination.
Indicators oops 8 02
The type of machine mounted
Width m 5,6
Number of rows 8 pieces
Inter-row spacing 450 mm, 600, 700, 900
Working speed km/h 3,6-9
Capacity, ha/h 2-5,04
The capacity (total) dm3
- 200 seeds
for fertilizers 192
Seeding rate
for seed piece/p. M. 2-43
for fertilizer kg/ha 50-250
The seeding depth 40-120 mm
Dimensions mm
in the working position HH
in the transport position HH
Mass kg 1278±3%
It is aggregated with tractors HP (TC) 80 (1,4)