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The separation lubrication Aquacoat SR-61 for mold RTI

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO 'NPP 'Elastolit'
Seller:Soloduhin Pavel Nikolaevich
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Aquacoat SR-61


Aquacoat SR-61 is semi-permanent (semi-permanent) release agent water based, used for molded products in which the separator must not break the surface, and must have easy release from the mold. Aquacoat SR-61 is intended for use in technologies that require high temperature stability of the separator and high resistance anti-adhesive layer to abrasion.


Aquacoat SR-61 is an aqueous solution ready for use. Before first use the forms necessary to apply a thin film coating by aerosol spraying several layers of the separator. This micron film is stable at temperatures up to 260°C.


Aquacoat SR-61 has excellent adhesion to the surface of the mold, there is no transfer of the separation agent to the product. The resulting film separating agent allows you to repeatedly use the form without the need for reapplication of the separator.

When used properly, the separator Aquacoat SR-61 according to the recommendations of guaranteed minimum formation of deposits on the form.



Color: white

Density: 1.0 g/cm3

Warranty period: 12 months



All kinds of rubber and molded rubber products.



1/ water-based Product

2/ Ease of use

3/ reusable forms without the need for reapplication separator

4/ Minimum formation of deposits on the form

5/ Film is not greasy, does not contaminate the surface of the products

6/ the Obtained products have a dry and homogeneous semi-matte surface

7/ the Product is universal for all types of rubber


Application method:

Thoroughly clean form. After cleaning the mould, there are two ways to create a primary continuous film Aquacoat SR-61 before operating under standard conditions:

a) Aquacoat SR-61 is applied during the heating forms recommended minimum temperature is 80-90 °C.

The advantage of this process is the formation of stable films, providing a multiple use of the form without the need for reapplication of the separator.

b) Aquacoat SR-61 is applied at a standard operating temperature.

The advantage of this process is time saving.

Before the beginning of the production process applied to form at least two thin layers of separator. Between the deposition of the individual layers for a short time to leave the separator to dry.

To achieve the required degree of separation of forms and products, apply a thin layer of separator Aquacoat SR-61 at the required operating temperature.


Additional information:

All technical information and data product based on the latest available information and does not represent any patent right. The user is responsible for verifying the conformity of the product, before you start to use it in production.