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Sushi delivery in Odessa. Dishes from fresh ingredients at affordable prices.

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:Onlajn-restoran "Eko sushi"
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

Often people relaxing holiday, be it beach, forest, Park or in the city want something tasty and that takes a lot of time for cooking at home. Said what a treat. But where to take it, how to pamper their relatives and loved ones, without unnecessary worries?

And the answer is simple. To visit any restaurant, café or order delivery! And this will help the restaurant "Eco land". Here not only delicious food but also ecologically safe. The choice of dishes for every taste from cool sushi to light a variety of salads. Besides, the restaurant produces and sells flour products. Among them crusty rolls, fragrant homemade bread with bran, as well as made from organic flour pizza Italian recipe. It is important that the products are not frozen, and arrive in the restaurant is chilled and after passing strict inspection. The highlight of the restaurant Eco there are hearty Burgers, which are cooked from specially selected products. The important thing is that the popular food will come to you completely free, because the restaurant there is a chip - free shipping sushi and other dishes, which saves you money on shipping, and this is the way of about 50-100 UAH, depending on where I was going. By ordering any dish at the restaurant "Eco land", You can not worry about the quality. Since at any time of year and your order will conform to all possible standards. As the packaging for transportation is purely environmental, high quality. All dishes are made exquisitely, beautiful and very tasty, and the cooking process takes place at a high level in a clean and sterile kitchen equipped with new appliances. Also the restaurant "Eco land" offers You a new service "Corporate Lunches" conditions which you can discuss with the restaurant managers.

So let's eat sustainably and for the benefit of health and without compromising in taste, and most importantly, without affecting Your time, because this can be taken care of professionals - restaurant "Eco Land"