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Sprout - trace elements in chelate form from the manufacturer.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Ukrainskij Agrarnyij Resurs
Seller:Sadovskij Aleksej
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Chelated micronutrients for foliar plant nutrition. A separate structure for each culture. Contain zinc, copper, boron, manganese, iron, molybdenum in easily digestible plant form. Safe and effective. Improve quality indicators harvest (gluten, protein, sugar, starch, vitamins and so on). Enhance immunity plants. Stimulate plants to full assimilation of nutrients from soil. Allow you to receive up to 20% increase in yields. Do not harm the environment environment. Sold in convenient containers: 1l, 5L, 10l, 1000L (Eurocup). We The producers!