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Good suggestion on onion seedlings

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Ternopil's'ka Oblast', Ternopil
DP "World seed" offers bow-Saenko : Stuttgarter Rizen 1 kg - 20 UAH. The variety is medium. From planting to mass lodging leaves 75-90 days. The bulb is large, flat and flat-rounded, dense, weighing 120-150 g Color dry scales Golden brown, juicy white. The taste is sharp. Keeping quality high. Yields up to 8 kg/m2. Centurion 1 kg - 20 UAH. The hybrid. From planting to mass lodging leaves 70-77 days. Round bulb and flat, dry scales yellow-brown, juicy white. Characterized by rapid growth, high marketability, weight bulbs 110-120, Sustainable, slow to bolt, suitable for long-term storage. Yields up to 7-8 kg/m2. Snowball 1 kg - 23.5 USD. Medium early, rounded shape. Taste - palustris. Resistant to adverse weather conditions and diseases. Not Strelets, well kept. High-yielding. Carmen 1 kg - 23.5 USD. Mid palustris variety of yield. The vegetation period 120-130 days. Grown from seeds in annual culture. Round bulb weight 50-70, Well maintained. address: , Ternopil, vul. Brigadier 35 tel(0352) 43-60-25, 43-59-87, 0676752493, 0992871501 E-mail: