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paraffin refractory

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high-melting paraffin wax, melting point 65 to 67°C

food refractory paraffin P2

The melting point of 67°C

The oil content of not more than 0.8%

Proizvodite Iran

Paraffin is applied:

- candle making
in industry for drying and impregnation of wood
- in rezinotehnica and tire industry as a softener for rubber mixtures
in medical practice (paraffin)
- in the cosmetic industry
- in beauty salons (like wax)
- Alpine skiing
- used in laboratory practice cleared (laboratory paraffin)
- based are made of paraffin chlorinated paraffin wax. It is used in the chemical industry as a binder and a thixotropic agent.

Keep the wax in a cool place.