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Sell blueberry pasta,reduce blood sugar.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:300 UAH
Company:chernichnaya pasta
Seller:Ivanov Konstantin Konstantinovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Powerful hepatoprotector, protecting the liver.
Blueberry "LiQberry" keeps cell membranes from damage, improves "cellular respiration, blood circulation in the capillaries and circulation in the limbs.
"LiQberry" improves mental performance, reduces the risk of geriatric syndromes.
A powerful fat burner and cellulite.
Improves health and mental activity of children.

Recommended: to Use as a source of micro - and macronutrients as AIDS in the preventive events with a high visual fatigue, violation color vision, increased loads (including the period of examination and session), myopia (myo) medium and high, degenerative diseases of the retina and vitreous body, the initial age-related cataract, age-related changes of the optic apparatus. * - the tocotrienol form of vitamin e, a Natural antioxidant in the 40 - 60 times more widespread α-and β-tocopherol.

price - 300 UAH.
Shipping by courier, Kiev 30 USD + information on the application.
Wholesale price from 3 cans - 280 UAH
The delivery of "New Mail" on your nearest branch + 20 UAH.packing + carton 15 UAH.