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Seedlings of Actinidia, the grade of the Kiev Hybrid.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:45 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol
Will sell seedlings.Actinidia - resistant, medium shade, average soil requirements, moisture-loving plant.Buds emerge from under the bark of the plant.During flowering, the leaves appear white, later pinkish spots.Flowering in June. Pollination produced by bees and other insects. In fruiting enters into the age of three to four years. Fruit green, up to 3 cm in length with 12 dark longitudinal stripes.Berries are very soft, sweet, with pineapple flavor. Grows slowly.Fruit weight 12-19 gr.Time Setevaya 10-20 September.,Light: shade-tolerant, but it develops better in the light. Humidity:hygrophilous plant, but does not tolerate water stagnation, not tolerate dryness of the air.In landscape design Actinidia used for vertical gardening trunks of tall trees, walls, structures, trellis, pergolas, gazebos, porches, arches, and also as a fruit plant. In the presence of supports or trellises thickness up to 10 cm Actinidia wraps around them, in the absence grows in a Bush or shrub form.