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Refrigeration equipment for freezing and storing fish.The freezing apparatus,socrotary camera hardening and storage.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:ChP 'Kryimholodservis'
Seller:Sergej Leonidovich
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Address:Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol

For storage of frozen fish used camera with temperature -18 (short term storage) and -25°C (long term storage). When the temperature of -12°C and below the growth of microorganisms is stopped, so microbiological changes in frozen fish during storage is negligible. However, be aware that the microorganisms tolerate low temperature better than high, so under adverse storage conditions (for example, contamination of ambient air microorganisms, high humidity, high initial contamination of the product with microorganisms) can to receive the mold. The lower the temperature in the chamber, the slower spoilage of fish.
To ensure long-term storage of fish allows the use of modern refrigerating chambers.

The company "Krymolowski" makes them out sandwich panels having excellent insulating characteristics and equips high-performance condensing units. In that case, if you are keeping fish in large quantities, and then built the whole refrigeration the warehouses are equipped with automated systems maintain the required environment settings. Their service does not require a large number of personnel, and management and control can be performed with a single remote.Cold storage warehouses and cameras are insulated circuits, which are equipped with doors different designs, providing a high degree of tightness.
In the premises of fish-processing plants used industrial air conditioning for climate control with software temperature T= +8...+12°C, the air speed V= 0,1...0,3 m/s, relative humidity j = 70...75%.

Selection of refrigeration equipment is carried out according to specifications of the client, taking into account climatic conditions exploitation.

Our company offers a wide range of refrigeration equipment for the fishing industry.