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Refrigeration equipment for the storage of vegetables and fruits,Humidifiers,air coolers.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:ChP 'Kryimholodservis'
Seller:Sergej Leonidovich
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Address:Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Bakhchisaray

For storage of vegetables and fruits is extremely important maintaining the required moisture content, low speed drying stored products. Accurate selection of used coolers, sometimes additional moisturizers can provide the required conditions, however, many manufacturers design and offer specially designed the equipment for best results. Air coolers for cameras storing fruits and vegetables are large in size Teploobmennik block, the reduced velocity of the air which is blown by fans blowout.

The Company "Krymolowski" uses for storage of vegetables and prutow air coolers production companies Interested, Helpman, GEA Kueba, GEA Goedhart. For each refrigeration cameras provide optimal performance and cost can to be different models of different named manufacturers. In addition, for some models can be provided a unique in its class additional features and options.

Storing carrots and root crops;

Carrots can be stored in a box pallets, boxes, bags or in bulk. In bulk the recommended height of the mound of 2-3 meters. When stored in bags maximum stacking height of 3 meters. Storage temperature should be maintained 0 ... +5°C. the Optimum storage temperature of 0 ... +1°C. relative humidity from 95 to 98 %. In cells with a forced ventilation system (without artificial cooling), in which the temperature varies from +1 to +5°C, relative humidity must be maintained in the range from 90 to 95%.

Storage cabbage;

Cabbage is loaded into the camera store in box pallets. In as the optimum is usually recommended temperature from 0 to +1°C, however, for cabbage Pets temperature of-0.8°C. the Decrease in temperature below -0,8°C may cause frosting of the tissues of the leaves. Relative humidity should be maintained within 90-95%.

Storage potatoes;

Potatoes put into storage immediately after harvest. In for 10 to 14 days after laying on the storage tubers incubated at temperature +13..+18°C and high relative humidity, to healed lesions (treatment period). After this period the temperature should be quickly reduced.Optimal storage temperature potatoes +3..+6°C.

The Company "Krymolowski" offers its services for accurate selection, supply, installation and commissioning equipment for refrigerating and freezing chambers, greenhouses and storage facilities and equipment for quick freezing, Central refrigeration, air conditioning systems, ventilation and heating. Service maintenance and repair of equipment.