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SA wire, sheet, circle of the stock availability. Shipping. Cutting.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:Gruppa Predpriyatij 'Stal'mash', OOO
Seller:Aleksej Tregubov
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Address:Russian Federation, Sverdlovskaya Oblast', Yekaterinburg

In The company SE Stallmach You can buy wire SA, circle SA, the sheet of SA on stock availability. Delivery throughout Russia, exports to CIS countries. Cutting.

circle SA GOST 2590-88 lap steel hot rolled from 10 to 300 mm,

circle SA GOST 7417-75 lap steel calibrated from 5 to 80 mm,

circle SA GOST 1133-76 (GOST 8479-70) the range of forged steel (forged) from 200 to 1000 mm,

circle SA GOST 14955-77 circle Serebryanka (specatcle surface h10, h9) from 10 to 50 mm,

wire SH spring GOST 14963-78 from 0.8 to 16 mm,

sheet SA GOST 19904-90 cold rolled from 0.5 to 3 mm,

sheet SO hot-rolled GOST 19903-74 from 3 to 60 mm,


MORE than 2000 Marco-profile-sizes steel warehouse in Yekaterinburg, shipment throughout Russia, export to CIS... (more than 250 brands have become available).

Prompt and full information about availability, prices, conditions and terms of shipment by phone Department sales SE Stallmach, LLC