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Sunflower seeds NS-Sumo-2017

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Company:Agropromislovij soyuz
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
The sunflower hybrid
Originator - the research Institute of field crops and vegetable production in Novi sad (Serbia)
Year of registration in the state register of Ukraine - are tolerant to the herbicides of the sulfonylurea group. Using insurance herbicide formidable Expert allows you to monitor the availability of dicotyledonous weeds in sunflower crops.The hybrid has a high resistance to lodging, shattering and drought.
The hybrid is resistant to 5 races of Broomrape (Orobanche).
The vegetation period: 110-112 days.
Direction of use: oil.
The potential yield of more than 50 kg/ha
Plant height 140-160 see
The growth rate at the initial stage of vegetation is high.
The leaf-bearing excellent in the budding stage the leaves to completely cover the soil, the stem of medium thickness, the root system is strong, branched, basket thin, convex in shape, the diameter of the basket 21-25 cm, vypolnennoi - 100 %.
Achene black, elongated, weight of 1000 pieces 60-70 g, the oil content of 48-52 %.
Musictaste - 22-25 %.
Stability of hybrid:
lodging is very high;
drought: it tolerates soil and air drought;
the shedding is very high;
Broomrape (A, B, C, D, E;
diseases and pests - genetically resistant to rust (Puccinia helianthi), highly tolerant to Phomopsis (Phomopsis helianthi). Resistant sunflower moth (Homoeosoma nebulella).
The plant stand density before harvesting the forest-steppe - 50-55 thousand/ha, the Central steppe - 46-50 thousand/ha, South and dry steppe - 40-45 thousand/ha). Recommended growing area - forest-steppe, steppe.
Bag - GM (100 PCs) GM (100pcs)
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