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Bird cage. Cage for parrots. Wooden, exclusive. Cage for small parrots. Cage for medium sized parrots.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:3 500 UAH
Seller:Gorina Nina
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

The ideal cell perfect for keeping wavy parrots, Corell, inseparables, Canaries, the finches and other small and medium-sized birds, and small rodents and primates. Environmentally friendly. The original design of octagonal form and practicality. Inside the cell there is a special beams, simulating branches trees on which Your bird will spend their time. Plastic gardocki parrots harmful - feet will be generated Namin and corn. Just this can be avoided if you use wooden gardocki, in this cage gardocki and stairs - wood, a natural and claws will be to samozatachivanie. The main advantages of cells:

its dimensions 69x134cm

- convenient door ahead (which allows unimpeded (not damaging the wings to take the parrot out of the cage.

- reliable and durable mesh of high quality material

- convenient retractable tray (for cleaning)

- in kit includes 2 gardocki, 1 ladder, 1 swing. (+ 2 gardocki to change)

Great enclosure and the house for your pet, the main advantage is the price quality.