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Complex Mouse No. 1, 2, rodents, fighting rats fighting mice, the rodents in the fight against field mice methods of fighting rats

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:1 500 UAH
Company:Eko Brend Ukraina
Seller:Sergeevich Maksim Sergeevich
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

Complex Mouse No. 1, 2, 0972322806 - Maxim rodents, fighting rats the fighting mice, the rodents in the country, the fight against field mice the methods of struggle with rats Versus mice!

The Complex Of The Mouse No. 1".

Most easy to use! Put up in packages of 400 chunks 30g used in warehouses, hangars, etc. Even enough for the 2nd and 3rd wave - the Whole Winter! P=1000 - 3000 m2. - Gr.*

The Complex Of The Mouse No. 2".

Most easy to use! Packaged in bags of 25 kg, used in warehouses, hangars and fields. Also enough on the 2nd and 3rd wave - the Whole Winter! P=50 - 100 Ha. - Gr.*

*The prices are indicated without VAT.

Taking Into Consideration, Trichodermin, Became, Tricovit, Gaucin, Gapsin Microbiological complex rodenticide steps in granular grain mass containing highly specialized bacteria murine typhoid Salmonella enteritidis var. Issatchenko with a titer of at least 5*109 cells in 1 g of the drug and processed orum 523. Designed for combat the most widespread and harmful rodents: mice - house, organicology, forest, baby; voles - ordinary, red, water. Preparative form: free flowing grain weight, containing Salmonella enteriditis var. Jssatschenko and orum 523. 1 g of the product contains at least 5 billion bacteria, humidity 52-56%. The mechanism of action. Method based on artificial infestation of rodents through the food bait pathogenic bacteria murine typhus, causing among rodents of the epidemic. Application and processing conditions. Safe for people, animals and beneficial insects. Store at temperature -25...+15 0C 60-90 days, chilled, up to 1 year. Packages cannot be opened until the moment of use of the drug in order to avoid breach of sterility, and loss of moisture, which can lead to death the bacteria. Does not cause resistance (habituation) to this drug in rodents.


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