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Liquid PMS-400

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Oleg Gorobchenko Yur'evich
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  • Liquid grades 5-10 PMS are used as high and low temperature heat transfer fluids for devices, as damping fluids.
  • Liquid brands PMS 20-40 widely used in the devices as a shock absorber, hydraulic, parting liquids, grease base.
  • Fluid PMS 50-200 is used as a shock absorber, hydraulic, damping fluids and as additives in lacquers and various household products.
  • Fluid PMS 300-400 used as the basis vaseline pastes; in the form of an aqueous emulsion as anti-adhesive lubricant forms in the manufacture of rubber, plastic products and rubber, used in the manufacture of dielectric pastes and veselinov. In the form of an aqueous emulsion for the treatment of glass containers. As damping fluid.
  • Fluid PMS 500-1000 used as damping fluid.
  • Liquid PMS 100R is used as the basis of low-temperature lubricants, coolants and fluids for low-temperature different devices.
  • Liquid 200 is used as antifoaming additives for petroleum oils and inks printing in the printing industry, as a parting agent in the tire industry.
  • Permission to use in the food industry obtained for liquids PMS-200, 300 and the emulsion on the basis of ICP-400.