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Corn Monsanto DKS-2960 FAO 250(80 000 seeds)1 sowing unit.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:1 380 UAH
Company:OOO 'Ekspertiza-Lyuks'
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv

Corn seeds Monsanto DKS-2960 FAO 250(80 000 seeds)1 sowing unit.

Corn seeds DKS 2960 FAO 250
Early-maturing, high-yielding hybrid with moshnym stem, root system and high productivity.
Morphological characteristics:
The stem, leaves and root:
leafy stem, length 200-240 cm
remontant hybrid with green leaves
developed root system

The cob:

height of attachment: 90-100 cm
the form of a cylindrical-conical
length of ear: 18-20 cm
the diameter of the cob: 3,5-4,0 cm


form: silicon-dent
color: in the upper part yellow
the potential yield of 80-90 kg/ha

The vegetation period (from sowing to physiological maturity of the grain) 100 - 110 days
The density of harvesting:

65000 - 70000 piece/ha (dry conditions)
75000 - 85000 piece/ha (with adequate moisture)

Middle and high responsiveness to the thickening. Recommended for early sowing.
Focused on grain and silage.