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bolts, nuts, screws, washers, high strength fasteners class. etc. 8,8-10,9, stainless steel fasteners, A2-A4, brass

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:17 UAH
Company:Metizno-mashinostroitel'nyij Al'yans ChP
Seller:Vyacheslav Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

Hardware, fasteners, rigging of stainless and high strength steels.
Retaining rings, rigging, a riveting machine and all kinds of fasteners of steel from German manufacturers.
The company is a representative of the German manufacturers and occupies a worthy place in the market for the supply of high-quality fasteners standards DIN, ISO. Our company sells a variety of fasteners warehouse and takes customer orders to delivery of any fasteners from a warehouse of the manufacturer.
We offer fasteners of various types and purposes: stainless steel fasteners for various industries; acid-resistant fasteners and including brass fasteners for chemical industry; nylon fasteners with inch thread; and high strength fasteners for fastening large structures and large loads. The company offers fasteners DIN fasteners made in accordance with the German DIN standard, which guarantees high quality products. We offer both metric and inch fasteners for fastening devices of different countries manufacturers.
Here You can order and buy small fasteners: retaining rings for locking parts, cotter pins securing the mating parts, the pin for the connection of structural elements, the bolt DIN European standard. In addition, we offer the screws of various types, for example, screws for mounting furniture or structures, and the tapping screws for quick and easy fastening products. We have screws that are suitable for all types of installation - hexagon screws to mount the key, the screw head under a flat-blade screwdriver, and others.
A wide range of us and large fasteners. We supply and sell rigging and lifting products for cargo-handling operations. Stainless steel chain or reliable stainless cable suitable for lifting work, and for use in shipbuilding. In enterprise Hardware engineering Alliance" You can also buy the mounting tool.
Enterprise Hardware engineering Alliance" provides all clients with advice in the selection of hardware products, service. Our staff will provide expert information and technical support. Contact our staff to obtain the information You need, You can call, Fax or e-mail.
Fasteners high strength - where you can find products of high strength classes?
The company sells high-strength fasteners according to German standards DIN. We offer fasteners high strength grade 10.9 and 12.9. At the moment it is fasteners the most high-class strength on the Ukrainian market, as domestic producers of the product most widely used strength classes 4,6-8,8, but no more.
Strength characteristics of high-strength products are determined, mainly, the brand of steel-made products and production technology. Mechanical properties of high-strength products is achieved, ultimately, the appropriate heat treatment (hardening and tempering), which allows to increase the strength of the product up to 75%. It is also believed that, in addition to increased strength, products of high strength classes also have better resistance to oxidation, in comparison with fasteners galvanized steel.
Fasteners DIN: to combine fasteners high strength parts of European manufacturers.
DIN 7, DIN 1473 ,DIN 6325 DIN 1481 DIN 1, DIN 258, DIN 7977 ... - Pins, cotter pins, dowel
DIN 931, 960, 6914 (GOST 7798-70), DIN U, DIN 7516D, DIN 933, 961, DIN 316, DIN 6921, DIN 561, DIN 564, DIN 912, DIN 7984, DIN 7991, DIN 444, DIN 914, DIN 580, DIN 915, DIN 963, DIN 916, DIN 965 ... Bolts, screws, studs
DIN 929, SIRU, DIN 985, DIN 315, DIN 6923, DIN 935, DIN 6927, DIN 937 ... Nuts
DIN 6796, 2093, DIN 463, DIN 6797A, DIN 471, DIN 6798A, DIN 472 ... - Washer, growers, rings