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The floor boards from the manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:85 UAH
Company:OOO PTK Lesprombud
Seller:Valerij Osaulenko
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Malyn
Board for sex matched 115 * 35 * mm. - 85 UAH./square meters 125 * 32 * mm. - 95 UAH./square meters 135 * 35 * mm. - 100 UAH./square meters Floor boards grooved pine, grade 1. The floor Board is a traditional variety of floors, very reliable and durable, simple in installation. The tree that we choose for our boards, top grade and absolutely environmentally friendly. Batten is dried, during which a very strict temperature and humidity. We produce floor Board on the German equipment. Our products meet all European quality standards. The grooved floor boards has a long lifetime, excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. Helps maintain the natural microclimate in the premises. In any room with wooden floors add monumentality, reliability and confidence. This floor harmonizes perfectly with any interior. Boards for the floor has a connection tongue-groove, which provides a high density of stacking and the absence of surface elevation changes. Use floorboard eliminates the need for additional heating systems floor. Batten, as the wood itself, has the ability to maintain the necessary level of humidity in the room. Floors made of natural wood does not represent the complexity of care, so as not to attract dust unlike laminate. Batten durable, wear-resistant and durable in operation because of their thick working layer. It is not prone to oxidation and does not darken even after a long time. Low thermal conductivity and high insulation floorboard provide comfort and coziness in the room. You can buy flooring at our warehouse or by phone, make an order and we will deliver the products to Your address!