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Block-house manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:85 UAH
Company:OOO PTK Lesprombud
Seller:Valerij Osaulenko
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
The block-house, 1: sort of. Block-House: 125 * 28 * mm. - 85 UAH./square meters 125 * 32 * mm. - 95 UAH./square meters 135 * 35 * mm. - 100 UAH./square meters 150 * 28 * mm. - 100 UAH./square meters Fakes Bars: 88 * 20 * 3000mm. - 75 UAH./square meters The block house is a sheathing Board, which simulates the frame. The cladding facade block house more and more into our lives, as one of the most effective, economically, and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Among modern finishing materials becoming more and more popular block house (spellings: block house block house). "Blockhouse". In Western countries this term is called the frame-panel houses, so loved in Canada, Finland. The fact that these buildings are covered with a special material that simulates logs. Consumers liked this appearance finish, and automatically this material became known as the block house. Thus, the block house is essentially a lining having a convex front surface and a flat back. Block-house - it finishing material used for covering the exterior and interior walls of buildings. Moreover, for the interior walls is recommended to use the block-house of a smaller diameter (in this case not visually reduces the interior space, on the contrary, the room seems even more spacious), and for the exterior walls, respectively - block house with a larger diameter for realistic simulation logs. Blockhouse, as well as the lining, made of solid wood piece. And as has tongue and groove. In the process of making the block-house is in the process of intensive drying, resulting in a finished product has high performance characteristics. The block house is ecological natural material, which retains all the positive properties of wood. The most practical block-house made of pine, as the resin of this tree creates a natural waterproofing, which results in increasing the lifespan of the product. Thanks to its technical characteristics, the block house has advantages in comparison with the rounded beam in the composition crowns log: block-house does not crack and is not deformed, thereby maintaining the high aesthetic appearance lined with buildings for many years; is rotting and fungus; has high strength and lightness that makes it possible to assemble the block-house within a short period of time independently. Using the block house is the decoration of the facades and balconies of houses. Used in the manufacture of gates, gates and fences. Block house can be used for facing any walls of any material (concrete or brick, sandwich panel or beam). And for better heat and sound insulation under the stacked block-house is placed insulation. The mounting block house should be a pin up so that the grooves do not accumulate moisture. Block house helps to hide flaws in the construction. In addition light weight material does not create additional load on the Foundation. Thus, the house, lined block-house and insulated with modern materials, has not only beautiful appearance of the house is ideally processed logs, but has a high performance, becomes warm and dry. Extraneous sounds will not enter from the street into the room, and the heated air will remain inside the building, so will the costs for space heating. The block house is an environmentally friendly material, allowing the room to "breathe". It helps to maintain natural indoor climate, which is especially important for human health. We always have a block house for internal and external walls (sizes range). You can buy the block house at our warehouse or by phone, make an order and we will deliver the products to Your address!