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Mahogany Mahogany. Edged Board 25,40,60 mm

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Company:TzOV 'Galits'ka lisova kompaniya'
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv
Edged Board exotic breeds of Mascara (red)(lat. Hyeronima Chocoensis)other names : Rosita, Pilon, Zapatero, Palo Curtidor, Calum-palo, palo Rosa, Ferro, Itahuba Colorada Tree : Trees are large, straight, evergreen type, with an area of strongly protruding rounded maximum roots. The trees can reach a height of 40 m, diameter 1 m and more, but are usually about 30 m tall and with a diameter of 0.6 m Height purified from branches trunks up to 21 m Wood : Sapwood is pink, with a width of about 38 mm Core from reddish-brown to chocolate-brown or dark red color that looks similar to black walnut wood. Layers of growth (growth of salt) visible due to the color changes to the boundaries of each zone of seasonal growth that forms a series of parabolic contours on the tangential section. Texture is moderately coarse. The arrangement of fibres confusing-and creates svilevatyh striped pattern. Sometimes in the wood contains grains of calcium oxalate (salt of oxalic acid). Dry wood density of about 800 kg/m3. Properties : This breed has a normal mechanical properties of wood of similar density characteristics has a greater advantage over,for example,Asian merbau. Application : Due to its high resistance against rotting and carpenter wood has been successfully used in offshore structure, of pile construction, during the construction of bridges, wharves, quays, piers,terraces,and also in the construction of the conventional forces. It is also recommended for panel lining, finishing high class interior design and furniture production. dimensions : 25,40,60 * 100-600 * 2400-4000 mm