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Laboratory hoods from "SpecMed" Brovary

Offer type: продамPublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Brovary, Ukraine

Hoods, production SpecMed" include superior performance, reliability and aesthetic appearance. The most modern materials that are used to protect the working surface from exposure to chemical agents, and provide the maximum lifetime of the fume cupboard. Along with this, the use of funds for cleaning after use is required minimum.
1. The filling.
Fume hood depending on operating conditions (specific works, which will be held in the Cabinet, laboratory equipment, or equipped room stationary ventilation system and others). As the coating for the internal working area, and, if necessary, the outer surface, use a variety of modern materials:
a) plastic high pressure;
b) granite;
in) stainless steel;
g) marble;
d) durcon;
e) isomax on;
W) quarella;
C) fridurit.
2. The ventilation system.
The hoods can be equipped with:
a) the ventilation system for connection to a stationary system of ventilation;
b) forced ventilation system.
For forced ventilation system is installed ducted fan performance-760-1400m.cubic meters/hour. Also hoods can be equipped with a ventilation system of the lower blocks, which are often stored chemicals.
3. Professional fittings.
On fume cupboards are professional taps some of the best quality manufacturers:
a) BROEN Lab Division (Denmark).
b) C. Arboles S*A.(Spain).
) chrome taps.
To the list of professional fittings include: faucets for water taps water taps for gas, valves for vacuum valves for steam, cranes facade, the "emergency" of the soul, etc.
Our specialists will select the best equipment for each fume cupboard individually. Will also help to constructively post: plum, washing system, waste water, etc.