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OSB 3, OSB 3, CAP 3. Maximum-minimum prices.Donetsk.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Baza strojmaterialov.STROJTORG.
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

OSB 3, OSB 3, CAP 3. Maximum-minimum prices.Donetsk. From the company Stroitel.

OSB-3 OSB-3, is relatively new on the market of construction material, which possesses the best qualities of natural wood and has fewer disadvantages compared with particleboard or plywood. Plate OSB-3, does not warp under the influence of moisture, rot, fire-resistant and resists fungus.
Easy to handle, easy to cut, planed, sanded, drilled, painted with any paint designed for wood, covered with tar, glaze and protective equipment. These boards hold nails and screws, even at the very edge, without requiring pre-drilling.
Application repair and construction work (for floors, walls, partitions, false ceilings), the basis under the shingles or other roof covering, temporary fencing construction sites, closing building openings, doors, Windows, etc., the manufacture of exhibition stands, shelving and various racks and many other areas of construction and household, makes this material more and more popular.