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A collection of movies on pigeon breeding

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:35 UAH
Company:TOV Kinolog
Seller:Mihail Dantes
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Movies about pigeons . Many people like to look at the beauty of pigeons their coloring , elegance, grace. Admire the beauty of their flight. But not many know how to breed pigeons. Of this amount, lovers quite a few contain pigeons that win competitions, exhibitions, competitions. And pigeons are worth thousands of dollars, (pair of doves for Mercedes). If you don't want to admire other people's pigeons, and want to know the conditions of keeping, breeding, to distinguish species. Want refers to the number of people who are asked for advice. People become to them in turn what to buy though pigeon eggs for incubation. Dear pigeon I'm glad you help in this. Offer You video movies on discs as all to do it correctly. 11 drives and 39.9 GB amount of information, the viewing time of 16 hours and 14 minutes. The cost of the disk 35 UAH + shipping. The cost of collection of movies on pigeon breeding 305 UAH without shipment costs ( disk 25 UAH) . Delivery by mail. List of movies on disc: Disc 1. Drop pigeons of Russia. - 40 minutes Nicholas doves - 36 minutes Disc 2. Pigeons Grace. Pigeons Frunze - 1 hour Disk 3.Genius wildlife Dove 50 minutes Unique pigeons Stavropol 58 minutes Disc 4.Russian stately 2 hours 6 minutes The disk 5.Carnasie dvorcovye Eurasians 1 hour . Bird Peter and Paul 1 h 12 min The disk 6 . Mitiukov and his pigeons 1 hour. 04 minutes The disk 7. Exhibition in Kharkov 45 minutes Doves black earth region 58 minutes The disk 8. White and brown are no strangers in Moscow 1 hour 42 minutes The disk 9. Winter rut 48 minutes The disk 10. 2 cubie carnasie 1 hour 3 minutes The disk 11.The clean Kosmach - 36 min, Nurseries Chelyabinsk region 55 minutes, book pigeon breeding For more information and your wishes You can get to call (050)58-57-666, (097)95-19-729 Michael ate. hell. call and we will take the best decision of Your order .