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Paper bags and paper bags to buy in bulk from the manufacturer, polypropylene bags, limestone and wheat flour

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO "Kremagropak"
Seller:Valentin Petrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Kremenchuk

The enterprise for the production of paper packaging (paper bags, paper bags). Our company also offers logo on paper and polypropylene bags.
Our paper products are of high quality. It is made of eco-friendly Kraft paper (white and brown).
We offer paper bags and paper bags multilayer (two-layer, three-layer, four-layer) of the open and closed (valve) type with lamination and plastic liner, applying a color logo for bulk (dry milk; casein; cocoa; starch; rice; flour; sugar; cheese; wheat; potatoes; pasta; soy protein; egg powder, mustard powder; food additives; aromatic spices; frozen food, fodder; mineral supplements; seeds: corn, soybean, sunflower, wheat), as well as paper bags for non-food materials (glue; bitumen; charcoal, etc.).
Also our company implements typographic paper (Kraft, parchment, parchment paper, newspaper, wrapping) as cast and incised. Under the order we cut the paper of any size.
LLC "Kamagrauk" processed grain and produces flour of highest and first grade. Production of flour and first grade we produce the best wheat varieties that meet all of the characteristics of the gluten, white, moisture and ash content.

Polypropylene bags as standard sizes (75*50, 105*55), and under the order.Limestone flour (boroshno Varnakov) mineral feeding of agricultural animals and birds. Packaged in paper bags of 50, 30 and 10 kg.