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Packaging for online shopping courier bag envelope for Ukrposhta from 0.43 USD per share

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:0.43 UAH
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Save time on the product packaging to send the Ukrainian post and courier services!!!

After the company is engaged in retail mail-order trade (online store) is adopted as the basic package these packages, the time of preparation of goods for shipment* reduced by 35-45% !!!
*the dispatch refers not only on packaging the packages and their marks, but the search of goods in the warehouse, preparation labels and stickers with recipients of parcels and their listing.
The packaging of the goods in packages and their marking samoklejushchiesja stickers began to take 5-10 seconds (per parcel) is 40-60 sec when the winding of the parcel paper or stretch + the covering tape from the top.

Photos 3 and 4 - photo packages without pocket for supporting documentation and with him.
In your pocket You can attach the invoice courier, f.116 Ukrposhta, etc.

Photo 5 and 6 sealed package, which I tried to press open.
**Very important conditions under which You stick with the package. Temperature package (the room in which the package is stored and packing) must be at least 15C.
If the room temperature is below, be sure to strongly push the valve on a few seconds and heat the glue warm your hands, otherwise specified the effectiveness of bonding is not guaranteed.
(Photos were taken indoors with a temperature of about 8C - ie I just heated glue the hands to the desired temperature, that he has well seized).

Packages for shipment of parcels - resistant to unauthorized access - self-adhesive flap has an adhesive layer with improved adhesion what, when trying to break open, causing a visible deformation of the polyethylene*. If the package was opened - povtorono to glue the valve impossible.

Package three-layer opaque and has protection from moisture and dust, as well as damage and rough handling during transportation. The outer layer is white and it is easy to label the shipment. The inner two layers - black - provide the opacity of the package.

Also in stock are self-adhesive transparent pockets for supporting documentation (Docu Fix) A5 (240x180 mm).

Transparent bag with an adhesive layer on one side. Pack pocket is pasted on the packaging (boxes, bags etc), inside the bag placed documents and the package is sealed with a special adhesive strip (valve). The transparency of the material of the package allows you to see it contents.

It is possible to manufacture the characteristics of the customer:
- the required size
- opaque or transparent polyethylene from 50 to 80 μm
- transparent pocket for supporting documentation
- individual numbering and bar code
- individual design package
- microprinting along the seams of the package
- reinforced side seams
- tear-numbered receipts

If you find a better offer, throw us a link in an email(email below) and we will offer the price even better*!!!

Prices for packages are presented in the table in the picture 7.

In the green box prices shown are for General cargo - i.e. the number of EACH position is NOT a multiple of 1000 PCs.
In the pink table prices are for bulk order - Qty EACH position of a multiple of 1.000 PCs (and 500) for A2).

sending every Tues/Thurs from 10 am Ukrposhta, Novaya Why (+Friday if there is time).

cambios street - by appointment

+38 097 41 91 981 (c 10 to 19 mon-Fri, except holidays and weekends)
on request we provide a complete package of documents for the cargo (SF, PH, a copy of the SVID. on payment YONG PE and PP on ulate EN).