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Growth-foliar feeding, Humified,,made in Germany.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:180 UAH
Company:ChP Kommand
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The growth stimulator , ,Humified, ,made in Germany.The unique preparation of the new generation Humified on the basis of potassium HUMATE, made in Germany! Recommendations for primeneniyu; indoor and outdoor soil, grains, pulses and oilseeds , vegetable and fruit and berry crops, garden trees and vineyards! With proper application, the results of studies leading breeding institutes and agricultural companies of Ukraine conducted in 2008-2010,,, guaranteed; 1) Increases the yield from 10% to 30%, increases drought tolerance, frost! ,2 ) Improves the quality (grade) of grain(nature, gluten, protein, IDK), the sugar content in fruits, berries, vegetables( beets, tomatoes, and so on) and their mass. , 3) Increases the effectiveness of fertilizer consumption by 15-20%, efficacy of fungicides insecticides, relieves stress after application of herbicides, pesticides! , 4 ) Strengthens the immune system, increasing resistance to disease in 1. 5-2 times! 5) Reduces the accumulation of nitrates by 40-50%, binds heavy metals! ,6) seed treatment before sowing, boosts energy and germination! The product is certified! Delivery in any region of Ukraine! Packing (5, 100 gr. -1 and 25 kg)