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Glue laminated timber (profiled beams)

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2018
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Address:Russian Federation
Glue laminated timber (profiled beams) can be produced from pine, spruce,cedar,larch or combined of different wood species. Length up to 12m.Standard sizes glued profiled beam (height x width), mm: 140h120, 160x120, 140h160, 160x160, 140x200, 180x200, 140h240, 200x200. Possible to produce a beam cross section. And constructional glued laminated timber.
Actually glue laminated timber is rated high as a wooden construction material. The lamellas (boards with which the timber is glued then) are dried up to 12 %, then defective spots are cut out of them, lamellas are jointed with mini-tenon and, at last, are glued in glue laminated timber.
Glue laminated timber use is advisable in lodgments demanding the high visual quality of the surface, and also demanding the high stability of geometrics, for example, for dwelling house. Smooth processed surface of glue laminated timber permit to go without additional finishing goods.
Glue laminated timber is noted for its high thermal protection, 100% isolation against the wind, fire safety, don’t need additional making habitable in winter.