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Stearic acid (octadecanoic acid, semiluxury) . C18H36O2

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Stearic acid (octadecanoic acid, semiluxury) . C18H36O2 . White or colorless crystals (powder) with a waxy odor, temperature the melting point is 70°C, a combustible substance insoluble in water and soluble in diethyl ether, oils, fats. Widely used in the cosmetic industry: stearate sodium is a major component of soap, itself stearic acid is found in many cosmetics. Used in the manufacture of candles and as a softener in the production of rubber. The stearates , sodium, calcium, lead used as components of greases. Wide range of consumers in the technical stearic acid also known as stearin, which is a mixture of stearic and palmitic acids. Made in Russia - the T-32 GOST 6484-96, the T-18 GOST 6484-96, Malaysia - Stearic acid STEARIC ACID Palmera B1810, China - Stearic acid SA 1801, Indonesia. Stearic acid used as an activator, a vulcanization accelerators, a dispersant fillers for rubber compounds, a softener (plasticizer). Direct the introduction of the rubber it improves the distribution of ingredients and machinability rubber compounds. The tendency of stearin to migration contributes to the reduction of sticky rubber compounds.

Stearic acid is produced mainly from animal fats, but can be contained in the plant in palm oil, soybeans, fruits cocoa.

Pharmacopoeial stearic acid is widely used in pharmaceutical industry. In the cosmetic industry stearic acid is used as structure-forming and emulsifying component in creams and lotions - 3-5%; in soap, deodorant, oil tile and other hard cosmetic products - up to 25% . Stearic acid is introduced into the fatty phase and heated with oils and emulsifiers, until its complete dissolution. Then fatty and aqueous phase mixed, added assets.

When making soap from scratch stearic acid counts toward used oils will be added to the soap calculator to calculate alkali. Then melted together with oils.

In food industry for the manufacture of margarine, cream base in cakes.

Stearic acid is used in analytical chemistry in nephelometric determination calcium, magnesium and lithium, as well as the liquid phase in the junction gas-liquid chromatography for the separation of a mixture of fatty acids. When polishing metals stearic acid is a component of the polishing pastes.

It the connection is used not only as a functional chemical, but also as chemical raw materials. For example, to get octadecanol (stearyl) alcohol which is used as the structuring agent and emollient in creams and agent in detergents. In industry stearic acid it is also used for the synthesis of octadecylamine.

Derivatives and octadecylamine salt used as emulsifiers and additives to the bitumen in road construction; the direct fotoagentur and reverse flotation of potash and phosphate ores, feldspar, mica; the anti-caking agent of inorganic salts and fertilizers; corrosion inhibitors in acidic media; demulsifiers crude oil in the petroleum industry; components of the antistatic agents; curing agents of epoxy resins.

Salt stearic acid is used sodium stearate as anionic surfactants, as detergent component and cosmetic products, thickeners, lubricants, stabilizer for forming polyamides and anti-foam additives in food industry, as well as calcium stearate as the thickener greases, stabilizer polyvinyl chloride and external lubricant for forming products, auxiliary drying agent and matting agent in paint and varnish materials, water repellent for cement and tissues, supplements, anti-caking, emulsifier for cosmetic preparations. In addition, in the production of oil varnishes used magnesium stearate. Zinc stearate is used in medicine, the production of rubber, plastics and cloth. The copper stearate is used for bronzing plaster and as an agent for preventing fouling. Stearate lead is used as a desiccant. Water-soluble salts of stearic acid, in particular stearates, sodium, potassium and ammonia, are Soaps. Esters stearic acid is used as component adhesive pastes, antioxidants, emulsions for the treatment of textiles and leather, food stabilizers products. Esters of stearic acid represented ethyl and butylstyrene used as plasticizers, and Gillstrom, used as a substitute for natural wax.

Stearic acid is a very stable, well-kept for a long period of time, without changing its qualities, most importantly, protect it from moisture and direct the sun's rays. Available and under the order. The warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk. Available and under order. Delivery in regions with groupage cargoServices delivery or in any other convenient way. Sincerely, Alexander Nikolayevich. Write on +3-8-(098) 28-78-430