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Аммоний фтористый тех.Ammonium fluoratum, Ammonium fluoride, Ammoniumfluorid Fluorammonium. NH4F

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Belov Aleksandr Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Poltava
Ammonium fluoride technical (AMMONIUM FLUORIDE) Ammonium fluoratum , Ammonium fluoride , Ammoniumfluorid Fluorammonium . NH4F . Inorganic compound, a salt of ammonium and hydrofluoric acid, colorless crystals, soluble in water, forms a crystalline. Application: Fluorinating agent. Component solutions for cleaning of boilers and pipes. Component of compositions for etching semiconductors, glass and some metals. The warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk. Available and under the order. Shipping in regions delivery Services or in any other convenient way. With respect Alexander Nikolaevich. Write on +3-8-098-28-78-430