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Kerosene TS-1, RT (aviation fuel jet fuel TS-1, RT).

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Belov Aleksandr Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Kotovs'k
Kerosene TS-1, RT (fuel for aviation jet TS-1, RT). Use in apparatus for cutting metals, as fuel during firing of porcelain, as a solvent for cleaning various parts from contamination, for household lighting and heating devices, as raw material for the chemical industry, as a fuel for diesel engines, as well as antigas to prevent solidification diesel fuel at low temperatures (Appendix 20 percent of kerosene in diesel fuel is seriously improves temperature range of use and is not impair work performance and environmental characteristics), TS-1 is in aircraft engines coolant and is used for lubrication parts of fuel systems. All major characteristics replaces Kerosene KO-25. The main advantages of Kerosene TS-1 (RT): good anti-wear and low-temperature properties, high thermal and oxidation stability , large NCV. Possible packing in cans of 10-otrov, in barrels in 200 liters. Poured into a container of the consumer. Delivery in regions groupage cargo delivery Services or in any other convenient way. With respect Alexander. Write on +3-8-(098) 28-78-430