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Sodanca sowing sell

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:8 000 UAH
Company:SFG Zoryane
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Address:P”yatykhatky, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast'

For sale sodanca planting three varieties. Excellent quality, price 12 000 UAH. per tonne. Hurry! Limited quantity! Delivery on Ukraine cheap !.
Valued extremely high drought tolerance and adaptability to soil conditions, as well as for powerful fibrous root system which helps to improve the soil structure. Used as crop culture, as well as in mixed crops (with reason, soybeans, vetch, sunflower and others)

The most common types: grass sorghum, or bunch, fodder or sugar.

Green manure,under favorable conditions, you can get green mass over C/ha Sorghum makes a lot of nutrients from the soil, therefore, it cannot be considered as a good precursor for following him cultures. However, in the cultivation of sorghum mixed with annual legumes plants, and when fertilizing it may be a good the predecessor. Sorghum can be planted as a crop culture in the workforce and rocker pairs.

Soil and soil quality. Well drains, loosens, soil structures, facilitates, increases air and moisture. Effectively reduces clogging fields, protects them from erosion. Protects the earth from water and wind erosion.