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lowlands E

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This antimicrobial substance which is practically the only preservative of natural origin. This is his the main difference from traditional and not harmless acetic, benzoic, sorbic acid. He is the only antibiotic approved bodies health for wide application in the food industry.

Lowlands has preservative properties, for example, can inhibit excessive the growth of all bacterial spores that cause spoilage of foods that put thermal processing. The use of nisin allows to decrease the time or temperature heat that allows you to keep the nutrients in the food. For example, when using additives E234, loss of vitamin C is reduced by 30-35%, while beta-carotene is fully

Lowlands primenyaetsa for:

  • Processing of meat and fish products

  • Bread-bakery production

  • Processing of vegetables and mushrooms

  • The production of cheese and dairy products