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buy sell horizontal vertical autoclave stainless AV-2 AV-4 B6-CAW-2 B6-CAW-4 B6-CE-B2

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2019
Company:spd evroliniya
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Address:Odessa oblast', Odesa, Ukraine

buy sell with storage new vertical B6-CA-in-2 B6-CA-in-4 AB-2 AB-4 B4-CA B4-ka on two and four baskets
horizontal stainless steel autoclave 4 5 6 baskets.
horizontal 7 baskets pass.
irrigation system full automation of the process of sterilization .
baskets and seals rubber autoclave .
pasteurizer submersible irrigation type tunnel tonally Germany Hungary length 11 18 24 29 meters
tunnel pasteurizer irrigated and submersible niko
palletizer palletizer depalletizer
table receiving cumulative tare
washing machine empties. the scalding , rinse.
machine blow drying Tara banks
labeling thermocontractable packing graviroval
blancher drum Hungary for blanching peas vegetables fruits