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SDLWx170 - Stepping Motor Full Digital Drive

Offer type: salePublished: 03.03.2008
Seller:Babunova Larysa
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The SDLWx170 is a step motor “clock and direction” driver implemented through a new generation
DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR CONTROLLER. In a wall mounting housing the unit
integrates a microstep drive able to move the motor according to CLOCK, DIRECTION, CURRENT
BOOSTING and ENABLE control signals issued by an external master unit through the
5 –:- 24 Vdc driver’s inputs. The drive is also provided with FAULT and BUSY feedback outputs.
All the digital inputs and outputs are optoisolated. Dip-switches are available to user settings. The
unit is powered through one DC or AC bus and can drive the stepper motor in open velocity &
position loops, according to internal or external acceleration and deceleration ramps, while runnig
a real time checking of the critical working parameters as temperature rise, voltages and currents.
Technical characteristics
• Power supply (SDLWD170) : 24 –:- 140 Vdc;
(SDLWA170) : 24 –:- 100 Vac;
• Driver type : bipolar chopper;
• Chopper frequency : 40 kHz;
• Phase current rating : 1.0 –:- 8.00 Arms;
• Step angle : from full step to 1/256 sinusoidal current waveforms;
• Protection : over-voltage, under-voltage, DC bus voltage ripple,
over-current, open-Phase, drive over-temperature;
• Inputs (optocoupled) : # 4 200kHz, 5 V line-driver, or 24 Vdc PNP or NPN inputs
for clock, direction, enable and current boosting;
• Outputs (optocoupled) : 24Vdc–500mA FAULT and BUSY outputs protected against
short circuit (700 mA max);
• Display : 7 segment led display monitoring of drive working status;
• Dip switches : for USER functions setting;
• Connection : to power supply, motor and I/O through cable clamp connectors;
• Dimensions (SDLWD170) : 123.3 x 175 x 47.7 mm;
(SDLWA170) : 123.3 x 175 x 88.3 mm;
• Weight (SDLWD170) : 700 g. approx;
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